So everything is up and running, so far, so good. I am planning some new pieces based upon the work of Kafka and Vermeer. I am looking to delve into a few classics of literature, but these are still in the idea stages for me. I will post when they come ready.

The strain of continual late night work is catching up with me. I might need to take a short breather, this happens every other month and after a few days I am back to my night owlish state. So says my wife.

I am looking to do some illustrative magazine work as well as children’s book work, we’ll…rather, just about anything that falls my way.

I did however recently receive some very good and wise advise on being an illustrator from miss Jillian Tamaki. A very talented artist based out of New York. Thank you again Jillian, I took it to heart.
Check out her site as well as her partner Sam Weber’s site in the Links section. She has “Mad Skillz.”

More to come…


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