Been another hectic week, I remember previous summers as slow and relaxing. this summer, along with the surface of the sun heat-waves, it has become a busy, too-much-to-do, break my routine sort of week.

Wednesday I officially turned 35, not 34, nor 33…35. I guess this makes me an “older” adult rather than the young adult I remember being.

Such is life.

As posted earlier I decided to take a few days breather from work on new pieces. I am back into the swing of things and I should have more work posted very soon. If interested in receiving email updates please visit the mailing list page and subscribe; you will be notified when new work goes online.

In my quest to wet my feet within the illustration world, I have met a few individuals with tips and places where to post for exposure and work.

I have had contact with Dan Santat, an enormously talented illustrator who’s projects have made it to the Disney Channel and has work published regularly. His help is greatly appreciated, check out his site.

If you’ve any questions or responses please feel free to contact me. otherwise, more to come soon.


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