New Work Posted

Posted a new piece in the illustration page titled “Girl in Red”, the idea and theme is loosely based on a work of Vermeer. ¬†You can read about it on the illustration page.

I have also been accepted into a group show in Seattle slated for a December opening. More info on this as the date draws near.

Vacation….oh vacation….
My wife and i will be hopping in our “ride” to Yellowstone this Wednesday. We head out that way via Las Vegas. We are traveling with my parents and meeting my in-laws from Vermont in Yellowstone for a much needed end of summer rest. As usual though, life enjoys tossing little monkey wrenches into my leisurely (rut), drive plans. A short night stay has changed into 2 nights in Vegas and a 12 hour nonstop ride to Wyoming in keeping with our itinerary. 12 hours in a car…12 hours… I can’t stand waiting for my food to warm in the microwave much less this. I will be back to the drawing table soon, and new pieces should start being posted regularly in september. I lied about being back into the swing of things…we’ll it’s summer, life happens.


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