Gallery Hop, Lexington
Gallery Hop, Lexington

Friday night’s gallery hop party for, “Inside The Imagination Of Rob Bridges” was a success! To all of you who visited the gallery I want to give you a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for your infectious enthusiam and interest.  It was a fun experience and I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to be able to meet and chat with all of you. And a few of my pieces will be making their way into deserving homes. I don’t get much opportunity to personally meet new owners of my work, so it’s nice to place a name to a smile. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to share the world of The Thousand Weed Marsh with you. Your feedback I am taking to heart and I will be working on expanding this whimsical and sometimes precarious world. You might even see a book or two come out of all this.

The show runs through August 23rd so there is still time to take another peak at the stories and artwork. Much more to come…


  • Maury Sparrow says:

    Fantastic show, Rob. I am, quite literally, living with your illustrations at ArtsPlace and I visit them almost daily. There is always a new story to be told simply by looking at each piece just a little longer. I’m so glad one of them is going home with me!

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