Ahhh… Quiet Broken

Although I have promised awhile back, a new 2.0 version of the site is currently under development, hopefully chock full of new and interesting bits to fascinate. The site design and style is flowing in a more subtle color tone, like the new “St. Albinus Snake” piece just added to the painting section.

Maybe the more muted colors are reflecting my desire to see fall come here to Southern California. sadly there is no real change of seasons in these parts and although it was 72 degrees the previous day it is back to being… hot.

Things may change still.

Who knows? You can view “St. Albinus Snake” here.

I have also learned that I am to be a father. ¬†Yeah. I soon will have a little artist of my own. Now I really have to get myself to the table and create a children’s book.

More news to come.


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