I’m a native of Los Angeles, California and I hold a BFA in Fine Art from Cornish College of The Arts in Seattle. I have been told that my art has a “timeless feel with a dark and whimsical edge”. It’s  narrative in nature and is inspired by stories imagined wholly in my mind. These are fragments of tales from a place called The Thousand Weed Marsh. I like to think of them as scenes ripped from a larger story, like illustrations cut from worn and dusty children’s books from years gone by. I leave the rest of the story up to the viewer’s imagination.

I’m often asked how I came to be interested in illustrative art. I grew up in Los Angeles, where my school lacked proper funding for learning materials. My father, an artist himself, would get me to read my photocopied primers by drawing pictures on the books’ endpapers. His attempts missed the mark, and I became more fascinated with the drawings than learning to read. I began honing my craft by making drawings on the inside of my father’s books, much to his chagrin…

These days rather than scribbling in books, my work is done with gouache on board. I live in Georgetown Kentucky with my wife and two children.

Such is life.