The Hare’s Fox

Young Percival was a proper young rabbit, but not without a streak of the imp dancing through him. Thus it was, on such an overcast falls day, that he found Fox asleep down by the Brine river, sacked out with a flask of Elderberry juice nearby.

Feeling a sport, Percival took to the clay of the riverbank to make a mask off of the sleeping Fox.  He created much mischief around town startling various small and excitable creatures. Of course, when Fox found out about these antics he was not pleased one bit. Foxes are predisposed to cunning trickery themselves (and disdain being made the hind end of jokes) and so made haste to the young rabbit’s burrow with sleeves rolled up. But that is another tale altogether…

8″ X 10″prints available.  Please contact me for info.