The Siren Of The Salt Sea

“and forthwith…we found our vessel overcome by some unseen hand…the sea roiled and became mad as the vessel shook violently and took in much waters. Seaman Parker and I made for a life vessel in which we fruitlessly made for the rocky shores… I daresay I remember naught… other than a lilting melody as an angel’s voice and I found myself tumbling into the frigid waters.

Looking about for Seaman Parker… I glimpsed a sight baffling, I know not exactly what I have seen; was it the face of some maiden? Or a beast, a fish of some sort diving into the murky depths? The sea quieted again yet I know not what happened to Mr. Parker. I do know days before he hummed that same unearthly melody. This is all I can relate, the lad kept his thoughts in his journals which were lost with him that dreaded day upon the cold hard ocean waters.”

– Edmond Cookman De Revol, Dover Iron sanatorium 19__ Bay of the Salt Sea re. the S.S. Yorke Investigation