The Thousand Weed Marsh Minimalist Panoply Society

Every year around this time, what’s left of The Thousand Weed Marsh Panoply Society gather themselves up for a village wide fair and parade. This parade was always resplendent with streamers, music and all the right fittings. Over the years, due to improper planning and general hebetude, (as well as being the same day the Annual Summer Meadow Party was held) their number quite thinned out and thus renamed themselves The Minimalist Panoply Society. Their cadre were at one time active in the Thousand Weed Marsh anti-land pirate militia, before it was disbanded years back due to the lack of existing pirates.
But, the show had to go on and being traditionalists such as they were they marched forth with late afternoon plans of retiring to the Scoured Egg for a bit of Tea and Mash.


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