The Vagabond Milliner’s Assistant

Drugget J. Earbrew was an exceptional milliner’s apprentice. Rather, he was the one that did all the lumbersome work hefting a much too overfilled pack on his back full of the businesses implements, wares, and personal supplies of his trade mentor: Samuel Puddle (who this past summer you may have remember meeting).  Mr. Earbrew was the one who took on mending work and securing stays in boarding homes and inns when coinage was to be had. Why didn’t Mr. Earbrew take authority of the outworn pair’s enterprise or move out on his own? This dear reader, is unknown, as Mr. Earbrew is of the quiet sort and had affection and a feeling of duty for his peevish employer and friend.

8″ X 10″ prints available.  Please contact me for info.